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Life Events Advisor

The life events advisor from TurboTax is a great tool that helps you take advantage of tax deductions that apply to life changes you may experience throughout the year. Many tax credits and deductions exist for families and individuals alike.

The TurboTax life events advisor is a great tool that you can take advantage of to help you lower your tax bill by claiming everyday tax deductions for life changes you experience during the year.

TurboTax Life Events Tax Calculator

It’s free to estimate the tax impact you may experience from life events that change your living situations throughout the year. Did you get married? Did you have a baby? Did you buy a house? Did you move for a job? Did you retire? Did you make investments? Changes like these and other big life changing events can impact the amount of taxable income you have, and increase your refund.

With the TurboTax life events advisor tool you don’t have to stay up all night learning new tax laws and how they can impact you. The TurboTax life advisor will give you a good estimate of how the changes you have experienced in your life this year will affect how you are taxed.

How the TurboTax Life Events Advisor Works

TurboTax walks you through an interview process to discover what changes you have experienced in your life throughout the year.

It will then guide you through the process of filling out all the right forms to insure you are getting the biggest refund – guaranteed.

Many life changing events like buying a house, getting married, going back to school, or having a baby can make a substantial impact on your tax return, and in the amount of your tax refund! But that doesn’t mean you have to stay up until wee hours in the morning learning all the tax new tax laws and how you can benefit from them.

The TurboTax Life Events Advisor Page allows you to enter your basic tax filing data life including your filing status and the amount of income you earned. Then you can choose the life changing events that took place this year.

Then the Life Events Advisor will show you how each event will have an impact on your tax return and your tax refund. you in terms of taxes. This is where you find out if those changes in your life will give you the opportunity to claim more tax deductions or tax credits when you file your tax return. It’s a great tool to help you save $.

With a simple to use fully guided interface, the TurboTax advisor application is very user friendly with strait forward plain English guidance. This tool allows you to see how you can benefit from life events prior to preparing your tax return for submission to the Internal Revenue Service.

The TurboTax Life Events Advisor is a free tool that basically lets you see how major changes in your life will impact your taxes. Life changing events like getting married, buying a house, having a baby, changing jobs, moving for a new job, getting an education, or retiring can offer significant tax benefits. Don’t miss out!