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Income Tax Calculator

An income tax calculator can be a very helpful tool to use all-year-round to keep you in-the-know about your annual income tax debt. By keeping track of your tax liability throughout the year, you can keep your finances in check to meet those IRS and State income tax obligations. Nobody likes unpleasant financial surprises, and this is a great way to avoid them and insure your saving enough to meet those needs.

The TurboTax TaxCaster Tax Calculator is available online, and as a smartphone application for Androids and iPhones. Handy all year long to account for adjustments in your tax liability.

Federal Income Tax Calculator

Calculating Your Tax Bracket and Tax Rate

With our federal income tax calculator you can determine your tax bracket and tax rate by selecting you filing status and the tax year you are filing your return for. Keep in mind that you actual marginal tax rate is based on all portions of income in each tax bracket that you pay taxes on.

As your income goes up and crosses into the next tax bracket, that portions of income is taxed at the higher corresponding rate associated with that tax bracket. Then each portion of income from each tax bracket that you fall into is calculated and added together to get your total taxes due. Sound confusing? it is!

Calculating Your Income Taxes

Fortunately all you have to do to estimate your taxes is select your filing status and tax year, enter your net income, and click calculate.

Our free income tax calculator will do the rest and give you an estimated total of federal taxes owed so that their are no unpleasant surprises.

The whole idea here is to give you a way to easily stay on top of your tax liabilities all year round by using this simple tax calculation tool.

Keeping In Tune With Your Income Tax Estimate All Year

Want to alleviate some stress? Don’t play the guessing game with your taxes. Knowing what the IRS is going to be expecting from you throughout the year will help you stay prepared to meet that financial obligation. On the other hand, not knowing can render a very big unpleasant surprise come tax season. Don’t let that happen to you, trust me, you will not be pleased!

With tax season comes tax payments. Keeping up with tax payments, or accurate paycheck withholding, will leave you with minimum due come April 15th.

Good luck! may your tax bill be small, and your tax refund make you smile!